Investment Criteria

  • A thorough and scalable business concept

    The basis for the long term success of a company is a sound, comprehensive and realisable business concept. Scalability is the key to guarantee the expected return.


  • A passionate, energetic and qualified management team

    We look for management teams with experience in developing and commercializing technologies, and who have the drive to build successful world-class companies. Ideally the team has worked together in the past, has invested in their own enterprise, has relevant industry, leadership and entrepreneurial experience as well as knowledge and understanding of strategic issues and has committed, passionate leaders.


  • A unique technology, process or application

    We look for a unique economic value proposition that is working to solve a problem based on proprietary competition advantages (know how, patents etc.). We look to invest in technology solutions a customer will want to buy.      


  • Products for a strong growing market

    We target companies active in markets that are large enough to allow the portfolio company to grow fast to a significant size, and ultimately allow for worthwhile liquidity options. Companies should show realistic potential to become a significant player in their market